"Why" Follow-up Email
(Email #5)

When Your client sends You their "WHY",
then use this email, and add personal comments
about their "WHY".
Be sure to edit the stuff in [brackets]
and send it from Your personal email client
(not from the MFF System Email).

Note: A prospect who sends You their "WHY" is
highly motivated and should receive Your priority attention.

Re: Your "WHY"

Hello [NAME],

Congratulations on Believing in Yourself enough to
send me Your "Why", this is Your "First Step" to
having a life that most people only Dream about.

Your struggle and lack of Suc-cess making m0ney
from home is NOT Your fault, the recorded skills
calls below will Prove it to You.

You will be making a Decision that will impact the
rest of Yours and Your family's life, so Please feel
free to ask me any questions that You may have.
Watch the 3 skills videos at the site below.


#1. The Five Pillars for Your Suc-cess.

#2. Bus1ness Models drive the behavior in the field.

#3. Being ALL IN

After You watch the 3 videos I will make myself and
my mentor available for Your F.ree Private Coaching call
where You will learn "Why" Your Lack of Suc-cess is Not
Your Fault.

E-mail me a couple of days and times that will be
best for our coaching call and I will e-mail You the
best time and date that will work for us............

I Appreciate You!

[Your Signature]