Email Template To Send Skills Videos
(Email #3)

After Your client has finished the e-book,
then use this email.
Be sure to edit the stuff in [brackets]
and send it from Your personal email client
(not from the MFF System Email).


Subject Line:
Hi [First Name], Mentoring For F-R-E-E Info – Here to Help You Suc-ceed


Hi [First Name],

Congratulations on taking the First Step to OWNING YOUR
LIFE. As I promised, here are the skills videos
that will prove to You why Your lack of suc-cess is not
Your fault.

Step 2: Listen to the 3 recorded videos,
“5 Pillars for Your Suc-cess”, “Bus.iness Models Drive the
Behavior”, and "Being ALL IN" at .

After completing Step 2, e-mail me at
[Your Email] or call me [Your Phone Number] and
we can schedule a time that works for us where we can
answer all your questions (Step 3).

As I promised, after You listen to the three above calls,
then I will send You our complete schedule of F-R-E-E
Live Training Calls and Recorded Archives.

To Your Success,

[Your Name
and Contact Info]