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Ad Copy

There are no Ad Copy templates on this site.
You already have the best source of Ad Copy in Your hands, Your "Success in 10 Steps" e-book!
Use the powerful chapter headlines and section sub-headlines as Your subject lines.
Then put the related paragraphs from the book in quotes as Your body text.
At the bottom, write: Excerpt from Success in 10 Steps by Michael Dlouhy.
Then write something like: To read the whole book free, visit [Your e-book link].

You can look at other people's stuff for other ideas.
But is always best to write something from Your head and heart.
Write the way You speak (don't worry about grammar) - You will come across as genuine.
(Folks can tell, somehow, when You're just copying and pasting someone else's words.)
As always - test, test. test to see what works best.

The only way to do this stuff wrong is to do nothing!

The 35 Biggest Mistakes Everyone
In MLM Is Making, & How To Avoid Them!  
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   STS Chapter Topics (a cheat sheet for what help is in each chapter)    PDF
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   Creating a New Folder & Using Windows Explorer by Axel Grohs  VIDEO
    Exporting with Internet Explorer by Axel Grohs   VIDEO
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie   PDF
Spiritual Marketing by Joe Vitale   PDF
Stress Management Workshop Script   DOC
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill   PDF