Email Template After Phone Conversation
(Email #2b)

After You call Your client and speak with them,
then use this email.
Be sure to edit the stuff in [brackets]
and send it from Your personal email client
(not from the MFF System Email).

NOTE: If You use this template as is,
attach the e-book PDF You downloaded
from You own website before You send it.


Subject Line:
Hi [First Name], Suc-cess In 10 Steps – Most People Save Years of Failure and Frustration in M.L.M.


Hi [First Name],

I sincerely enjoyed visiting with You today and
Congratulations on starting the First Step to OWNING
YOUR LIFE. As we discussed, I've attached the e-b00k
for Your convenience and included a link to the audio
version if You prefer to listen to it read by the

Most people who Read “Suc-cess in 10 Steps” save Years
of Failure and Frustration in Mark.eting.

And as you absorb this information, you’ll want to join
our 10 F.REE Live Training calls every week where we
teach people the skills to suc-ceed in creating extra
income from home without making a list of Friends and
Family. Everybody who attends our Live Trainings learn
skills to clearly suc-ceed in Mark.eting/M.L.M.

After you complete 3 simple steps, I will send you
the complete schedule.

Step 1: Read or listen to “Suc-cess In 10 Steps” (eBook
attached – audio eBook at

When you get to page 75, send me an e-mail
([Your Email]) or call me at [Your Phone Number]
and I'll send You three f.ree skills audios that will
prove why Your lack of suc-cess is not Your fault (Step

I look forward to helping you.

To Your Success,

[Your Name
and Contact Info]