Email Template After Leaving Voicemail
(or No Answer)
(Email #2a)

After You call Your client and get no answer,
then use this email.
Be sure to edit the stuff in [brackets]
and send it from Your personal email client
(not from the MFF System Email).

NOTE: If You use this template as is,
attach the e-book PDF You downloaded
from You own website before You send it.

How To Attach E-book to Email  VIDEO


Subject Line:
Hi [First Name], Suc-cess In 10 Steps – Most People Save Years of Failure and Frustration in M.L.M.


Hi [First Name],

This is [Your Name] from [Your Location],
Coach and Mentor with Mentoring For F-R-E-E.

You recently requested our F.REE eBook "Suc-cess in 10
Steps" and I just called you as a courtesy to be sure
you were able to download and read it OK.

Most people who Read “Suc-cess in 10 Steps” save Years
of Failure and Frustration in Mark.eting.

And as you absorb this information, you’ll want to join
our 9 F.REE Live Training calls every week where we
teach people the skills to suc-ceed in creating extra
income from home without making a list of Friends and
Family. Everybody who attends our Live Trainings learns
skills to clearly suc-ceed in Mark.eting/M.L.M.

After you complete two simple steps, I will send you
the complete schedule.

Step 1: Read or listen to “Suc-cess In 10 Steps” (eBook
attached – audio eBook at

When you get to page 75, send me an e-mail
([Your Email]) or call me at [Your Phone Number]
and I'll send You three f.ree skills videos that will
prove why Your lack of suc-cess is not Your fault (Step

I look forward to helping you.

To Your Success,

[Your Name
and Contact Info]