Congratulations, You Have Clients!!!

NOW What?

The information on this page is not useful until you have generated clients.

NOW What? You start building a RELATIONSHIP.
You do this by LISTENING to the Person in the Here and Now.
When You speak, speak through the 8 Positive Emotions.
Develop Know, Like, and Trust.
STOP and Read this Recipe.

**Coaches: Use the (Email #'s) for easier pointing.

STEP 1 - First Email (right away)

Use this TEMPLATE (Email #1) to send a welcome email to a new client as soon as possible.
Customize it with your links, name, etc. and save it to your desktop where it will be handy.

STEP 2 - Call Them (as soon as possible, within 72 hours)

Send the Clients to the Live Clients Call (or call with Your sponsor/coach).
Follow-up Call WITH your sponsor/coach and listen/learn.


To verify phone numbers, area and country codes, etc., see our Telephone Tools.

What To Say?
The purpose of the call is to see if they were able to download the e-book
and encourage them to read it.
If they already read it, then they are ready for the Skills Calls (Step 4 below).

Download the "SCRIPTS" (includes Voicemail Message). PDF

Attend the Live Clients Calls often on Mon., Tues, & Thurs. at 8 PM Eastern
to witness how others do this and become comfortable with it.

STS Chapter Topics (a cheat sheet for what help is in each chapter)    PDF

There is no "wrong way" to make these calls. You need not memorize a script.
Be Yourself, say what is comfortable for You.
Ask Yourself, "What's in it for THEM?"
LISTEN to them.


STEP 3 - Follow-up with Email (immediately after You call them)

If You got no answer or left a voice mail, then use this TEMPLATE (Email #2a).
If You SPOKE with Your client, then use this TEMPLATE. (Email #2b)

How To Attach E-book to Email  VIDEO

Do not go to Step 4 until You SPEAK with them.
(A good rule of thumb is: every 4 or 5 days,
then back off to once per week for the first month, once per month thereafter.)


STEP 4 - Send the Three Skills Videos (after they've read the e-book)

You can use this Email TEMPLATE (Email #3).  
(Remember, You are NOT the expert - You POINT to the information.
Tell them to take notes, because they WILL have questions.
Let them know, after they listen to the three calls, they will have a
Private Coaching Session with Your expert to get ALL their
questions answered.)

STEP 5 - Schedule a Coaching Call (after they've watched to the Skills videos)

...and send the Call Schedule.

You can use this Email TEMPLATE (Email #4).
But the BEST way to schedule it is to get their available times over the phone.

STEP 5A - Enroll them in MFF Pro (if they are ready or Your Coach instructed You to)


STEP 6 - Follow-Up (until the timing is right for them)

Every client goes through the above steps at a different rate.
The key is to be there for them when the timing is right for THEM.

The Key to Following-Up is asking questions and LISTENING!
Building RAPPORT is the main goal of this system.

Client Priority Call List  (Top10/Top 20 List)  Use to prioritize Your weekly follow-up activities.    PDF   
Client Rating System   How do You determine who to spend Your time with?   PDF 

SPECIAL STEP - Their "WHY" (this can happen at any time)

When a client sends You their "WHY" it's a good sign they
may be coachable and they may want to take some action.

As Soon As Possible, Call to congratulate and discuss their "WHY".
Send them a "WHY" Follow-up EMAIL - TEMPLATE
(Email #5).

STEP 7 - Drip, Drip, Drip (Forever, even after they join You)

Saturday Skills Calls were DISCONTINUED as of January 2016

You can broadcast emails to your list promoting any calls you wish.
We recommend prompting the Think and Grow Rich Lessons Calls...
Mental Cleanse Email
(every Monday or Tuesday)
(Email #6)

You can also send a message of Your own to Your list
whenever You are inspired to do so.

When Do I Stop Following-Up?

Not until they tell you.

The only "wrong way" to follow-up
is to not follow-up at all.

"If You're not having fun doing Your business,
then You're not doing it right!" ~ Michael Dlouhy

"Everybody knows You need accurate information to make an intelligent decision about Your future success."

"Everybody says they feel the TRUTH about Network Marketing when they go through Mentoring For Free."