Part C: Miscellaneous Tips

1) Get a good answering service or voice mail that will pick up while you are on the phone.
2) Get three-way calling on your phone.
3) Brand Yourself!! Use your name as much as possible. People are more likely to call Jim Bag or Marge Rinn than a pseudonym like easybigbucks or cashcashcash. People join people, not tag-lines. Brand YOURSELF, Your NAME - ~~NOT some cutesy slogan name~~..
   a) OPTIONAL: Choose a good email address and domain name
from or other vendor. 


For example or

These domain names are one of the cheapest tools you can buy. Your email address will promote YOU, and will look more professional. Redirects are easier to give over the phone, look better on your business cards, and are more memorable. Avoid numbers in your domain names. e.g. Slimdowninthreesteps is better than slimdownin3steps

4) ESSENTIAL: Listen to the Recipe training call, the Time Management call,
and the "How Do You Know What To Say When Mentoring People?" call!
5) Visit each week for tips on retailing, marketing offline, and other updates and announcements.
6) Keep all receipts for expenses related to your business someplace where they won't be misplaced. As you earn income from your business, they will help reduce your tax burden.

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