Part B: Getting Started Right

1) *** Join and commit to the 30 Day Cleanse at ***
2) *** Stick with and complete the 30 Day Cleanse. Repeat as necessary. This is VITAL!!! *** AUDIO
   a) Craft Your PERFECT Self-Talk   AUDIO
  3) Email your sponsor or upline coach the following short essays:
   a) 25 Things I Will Do When I Am Earning $5000 Per Month
   b) Why I Am Proud To Be A Professional Networker
   c) Why I Will Commit To One Year
  4) Communicate Daily with your sponsor
   a) Send your sponsor your “Why” as suggested in Success in Ten Steps. 
   b) Email your sponsor daily with the following … 

i)   Actions today

ii)  Results from previous actions

iii) Questions for your sponsor/upline

iv) *** This is crucial to your success.***
Stay connected and accountable to
yourself and your upline/sponsor/team

5) Get Skype for free international voice and text communication for a 22 meg

download. Ask your sponsor and coaches for their contact information.

6) Visit one of your own STS capture pages and download Success In Ten Steps from yourself (using a different email address). Save it to your desktop. You can then attach it to an email to a prospect, branded with YOUR contact information.   VIDEO

7) Start to advertise Success In Ten Steps (STS) by your method of choice.

a)  Visit and choose FIVE
methods of advertising (see the Training Call Index page). The 8 Ways to Get Traffic
Make a couple of your choices active and a couple choices passive.
Your sponsor/coach will help you set-up these over next five weeks. (Start with ONE you are familiar with. You may have already done this in Quick Start.) .

i)   Method 1: _______________________________


ii)  Method 2: ________________________________


iii) Method 3: _______________________________


iv) Method 4: _______________________________


v)  Method 5: _______________________________

E-Book Tactical Planning   PDF

8) Visit and listen to the calls re advertising and marketing by Don Standard, Penny Dude, Richard Dennis, etc.
9) Read Dave Cones’ article on Writing Ad Copy. PDF
10) Create an Email Signature promoting Your Success In Ten Steps.

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