Part A: Mentoring For Free & Success in Ten Steps

1) Take a Tour of the MFF back office.   VIDEO
(You may have already done this in Quick Start.)
2) Join Mentoring For Free (MFF) Pro version   VIDEO

(You may have already done this in Quick Start.)

  3) Set up your MFF site in back office with your sponsor’s help.
(You may have already done this in Quick Start.)
   a) Edit Your Contact Info & Upload photo. VIDEO
   b) Learn the powerful Ad Tracker feature.   VIDEO
   c) Learn how to send the weekly broadcast announcing the Saturday night call.    VIDEO
4) Visit the archive and calendar
   a) Print it and become familiar with the 10 calls per week. You will be sending your prospects there.
   b) Also visit which has less information. It contains the key Recipe Step 2 Skills Calls and Success In Ten Steps in audio. You can decide whether a prospect should go here or to the larger .com site.
   c) Also visit for summaries and a good collection of information. You can
decide when to send your prospects there.
   a) Visit to listen to Chapter 11 (bottom of page)
”Proof That It’s Not Your Fault”
   b) As this book is the main tool we use to grow our businesses, you should be very familiar with it. Read/listen to all of Success In Ten Steps near the bottom of the page:

At the top of the page, listen to these:

      i) Call 1 Business Models
      ii) Call 2 Five Pillars
      iii) Call 3 Compensation Plans
      iv) Call 4 Colors
      v) Call 5 Leads Scam
      vi) Call 6 Why MFF

(Note you can download these recordings by right-clicking on the MP3 links.)

6) Listen to MFF Live Clients calls Mon, Tues, Thurs 8 PM ET

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