Daniel Svoboda Describes
the Mastermind Group
within Mentoring For Free
and the 30-Day Mental Cleanse

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Why Does Mentoring For Free hold the building
blocks for Individual Fortunes?

The Master Mind group created at Mentoring For
Free, the brainchild of Michael Dlouhy, is be-
coming the most unique Master Mind group in
the history of mankind, not just network marketing.

Just as Andrew Carnegie built his fortune, con-
sulting with a staff of like minded people numbering
around 50, we're given the opportunity to participate
in a group with no limit on the number of participants.

There are actually 3 levels to the Mentoring For Free
Master Mind group. Let's take a look at them, and
see if you agree that Mentoring For Free is the only
way to build a large, profitable, highly retentive

The 1st level is what I refer to as the Observation
Deck. Here is where everyone first goes when
entering Mentoring For Free.

This is the auditorium, the seats around the sports
arena, the bleachers at a tennis match. Everyone
is watching and listening to see what game is being
played. Some people watch more often and listen
more intently.

At a certain point, each individual person, at their
own pace, speaks up, adding their own creative
views on the subject at hand.

The most amazing revelation occurring here are the
people who speak up. Because of their new master
mind connection, they are adding specific input
toward a topic with a definite purpose, to help the
entire group grow a little more.

It's in this 1st level that individuals go from being
either dependent or independent, to interdependent.

Reaching interdependency, an understanding that
your success relied not only on yourself, but also
by the actions and efforts of others, takes you to
the next level, level 2.

In level 2, you become the player. You no longer
are sitting and watching.You are playing the game;
you are part of the band. You start attracting more
observers to sit in the seats to watch and listen.

All the other players rely on you to be there, and
we all work together. And again, at a certain point,
the skills you are learning go from your head to
your heart. Enter level 3.

You begin teaching the crowd of observers. You
help some of the players perform even better.

Your learning becomes a direct funnel back to
the master mind group. You are a leader, a
teacher, a mentor with a servant's heart.

All the activity, training and discussion that
transpire every week are for a specific purpose.

That purpose is to own your own life. This is
why the team at Mentoring For Free join in the
Master Mind group with complete cooperation
and perfect harmony.

This is why the slow can go slow. The fast
can go fast. We support and believe in each
other no matter which path you're on.

Network Marketing has never been done
correctly, until now.

Thank you Michael for your time and attention.
Thank you to Our entire team.

Your Friend in Cleveland,
Daniel Svoboda