8 Ways to Get Traffic
Audio Training with Ken Klemm Recorded 1/13/2014,
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You don't GENERATE traffic on the Internet - traffic is already there.
You want to DIVERT or ATTRACT some traffic Your way, converting strangers into clients (Building Your List or Spider Web).

TARGETING: Strangers who are doing Network Marketing, believe in it, and have a good idea how much work is involved.

Network Marketers already have a dream and they are actively working - but they may be struggling and lack success. Most say they want good leads to talk to, and better retention. Mentoring For Free IS DESIGNED TO PROVIDE BOTH.

Secondary Target: People trying to create an income from home. (Most are struggling - being scammed and promoting scams. They need education.)

The formula for ALL Internet advertising is: A+C+A (Attention, Curiosity, Action).

There are many places to find free or low cost traffic. Here are 8 categories we have used, in 2 groups, from the simplest to the complex, along with the skills needed for each:

These are quick to set up, but require long-term effort
to keep attracting traffic.
Good News! These are already targeted.

1) Traffic Exchanges
TrafficSwarm and other MANUAL surfing exchanges.
Copy and paste. See and click on matching symbols.
Optional: SIMPLE Splash Page design.
2) Safe Lists (email)
Legalized spamming.
ListJoe, etc.
These require a bit of writing - headlines/subject lines and body text.
3) Classified Ads
WantedWants, Facebook Groups, etc.
4) Business Networking
AdLandPro, IBOToolbox, LinkedIn, etc.
Make connections without an agenda.

These take a lot of time to set up - require advanced skills such as keyword research and back-links - but can produce long-term results.
You must do extra work to attract your target market.

5) Social Networking
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
 Build influence by contributing and adding value to a community.
(10 posts about your life journey to every one post about your offer.)
6) Blogs & Articles
Blogger, WordPress, E-zines and self-hosted web logs.
Writing skill required. Keyword research and relevance. Back-links and SEO* to attract visitors. Comment on others' blogs and articles.
7) Your Own Web Pages
Squidoo Lenses, Hub Pages, etc.
Graphic design, HTML, SEO*.
8) Video
YouTube is the second most popular search engine, next to Google.
Video editing, SEO*.
*Search Engine Optimization - attracts Logical Traffic,
while Content from Your Heart attracts Organic Traffic (Living Traffic).

We have recorded audio training on all of these methods. See the Index at MFFAudios.com.

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